Beautiful Locations of Morni Hills | Beautiful Mountains in Morni Hills

I am sharing some beautiful pictures of Morni Hills, there is no doubt that Morni Hills is a very beautiful place. Where I am taking these pictures that place almost 15 to 17 kilometers from the Morni Town. Personally I can say that this place is amazing for me and all the tourists. In all these pictures you will see big mountains, which make the Morni Hills even more beautiful. I saw a house was built in the middle of the hills, surrounded by hills and it was also amazing to see the other hills behind the hills. 

I have shared below some pictures about that place. Hope you like it and how you feel please tell me on Comment.

We see some such paths on the hills. These paths appear to us like snakes, like a giant snake crawling up a hill. And if you look at these paths from a little distance, then it seems as if a big pipeline is laying on the hills. While walking along these roads, it seems as if we are going into a tunnel. Because there are green bushes on both sides and we are in between them. 

If you look at the Mountain of Morni Hills number photos 5 and 6, you will know what I want to say. It is not so easy to walk on these paths. Because the width of these paths is very small. But now all people are becoming aware and now pucca roads are being built here with the help of the government. Now, efforts are being made to build pucca roads in every house and in many villages. But where paved roads cannot be built, paved abuses are being made there.

This is a very beautiful sight. When we look at these hills, it seems as if the beads of beads have been threaded. In this image you are looking at a house, surrounded by greenery from all four sides. Next to the house is a ladder-like field, which has been sown.

The Mountains of Morni Hills are not only beautiful in appearance, but a large number of herbs are also found here. In view of this, Baba Ramdev Ji has decided to build a herbal garden here. Due to which trees will not be cut, but more trees will be planted. In this way the environment will also be safe and Ayurveda will also get a boost. To further simplify this method, he has written both names and uses on all trees and plants. In this way people will be able to use these trees and plants properly according to their disease. Which is the reason for huge public welfare.

Whenever you visit Morni Hills, you should not be confined to Tikkar Tal. There is also a place here which is worth visiting. There is a very old fort here and a small zoo. If you want to be more joyful from spiritual perspective, then you must go to Bani Temple and Samalautha Temple.

"Nature is the best means to meet God"