Which Place is Better Hill Station Morni Hills or Nahan?

Which Place is Better Hill Station Morni Hills or Nahan?

Now the biggest question is Which place is Better Hill Station Morni Hills or Nahan? By the way, every place has its own specialty. Today we will talk about 2 such hill stations whose fame is spread far and wide. Today we will talk about Morni Hills and Nahan Hill station. Both are very beautiful hill stations. Morni Hills is an example of small Shimla. And Nahan is called the crown of the hills. Morni Hills is surrounded by hills, and is situated in a very beautiful place as a small town. If we talk about Nahan, it is situated as a city at the height of the hills. Which looks very pleasing. In the evening, there are four moons in its beauty.

There are many places in Haryana where you can go with your family. But Morni Hill Station is the only hill station in Haryana. But the terrain of Morni Hills is very large. If we talk about Nahan then this city is located in Himachal Pradesh. And you all know that millions of people come to visit Himachal. And there are many famous places in Himachal. One of them is Nahan city.

Hotels: If we talk about hotels, you will get enough number of hotels in both the places. There is no dearth of hotels in Morni Hills and Nahan. A large number of people visit the Morni Hills on weekends. They stay for at least two days.

Famous Places of Morni Hills: The most famous in Morni Hills is Tikkar Tal lake. Where people come in plenty. Then there is the old fort of Morni Hills, and 2 old historical temples, Herbal Garden. Bani Temple and Samlasan Temple.

Famous Places of Nahan: In Nahan especially Villa Round, Hospital Round, Chaugan, College Campus, Mall Road is such a place. Where people like to roam in the evening. The habit of walking here is common among the people here. There is a very beautiful market here. It is all in the middle of Nahan city. And yes, there is also the very famous Rani Tal, Rani Tal Garden. There are also famous temples, which are located in the center of Nahan. And this is the place, which is the focal point of people's attraction.

How to reach Morni Hills and Nahan : It depends on you, where you live. Areas closest to Morni Hills are Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Pinjore, Kalka, Mallah etc. These are areas that are at least 40 to 55 kilometers away from Morni Hills. Some people now come from Yamunanagar too. 

Now if we talk about Nahan, it is not far away. But the distance from Nahan to Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Pinjore, Kalka etc. can be at least 90 and not more than 110 kilometers. It is also easy to reach Nahan because the path to the Kale Aam is very straight. The hills and climbing begin only after the Kale Aam. Areas closest to Nahan are Kala Aam, Raipurrani, Barwala, Tirlokpur etc.

Distance from Morni Hills to Nahan(Nahan to Morni Hills): The distance from Morni Hills to Nahan can be about 70 to 72 kilometers. And the time can be up to about 2 hours. 

Morni hills is best place for me and this is my personal opinion because Morni hills is very near to my town. But yes, if i will long time to spend with my family for more days, then i will suggest got to Himachal 'Nahan'. Because here is lots of place for roam. Himachal Pradesh is a very populous place. And there are many historical places here. But it can be a very long journey, so you should first plane.