Morni Hills Fort : Story of Old Fort in Morni Hills

Morni Hills Fort: 
The Morni Fort is an unassuming stone workmanship structure assembled at some point in the seventeenth Century on the Morni slope at a stature of around 1200 meters. The post is deliberately found and commands the way to Badiyal towards Sarahan in Himachal, the way to Trilokpur, the edge street towards Thapli/Mandana and the way to the Tals. The post additionally disregards the Morni town or Bhoj Jabial. 

The fortification has a door toward the East. It has four towers. The accommodation inside the stronghold was unobtrusive and was increased in 1814 when the Raja of Sirmur looked for asylum in the fortress following his ouster from Nahan by the Gurkha trespassers. There was a well/store in the focal point of the fortification (presently filled up).The air courses through the wends in the arches to keep the environment cool during summer months.