People of Morni Hills | Cultivators of Morni Hills(HR)

Cultivators of Morni Hills: 
People of different castes reside in Morni Hills. But there is no problem of casteism here. Because almost people are educated so they do not believe in casteism. The people of Morni Hills are very simple-minded, dedicated and shy. But in the past, the people living in the hills of "Morni Hills" were Brahmins or Kshatriyas. And on the other hand, those living in the lower hills were considered as Shudra caste. People living on the top of the hill could come and go anywhere. But the people living in the lower hills area were limited only to their location. He could not move up and down in the hills. But everything has changed over time. Now this is not the case at all. Now all people live together in love. Because with this the economic growth of the country is possible. The country will move forward only when everyone works together. Due to this people of Morni Hills are also moving forward.

Some Peoples Whom I had met

Morni hills | People of Morni Hills